What is FRIA?

FRIA is an alliance of businesses and industries operating in and along the Lower Fraser River that advocates for continued economic prosperity and environmental sustainability in and along the River.

Why was FRIA created?

FRIA was formed as a result of the July 2014 Richmond Chamber of Commerce report, “The Economic Importance of the Lower Fraser River,” which identified the urgent need to bring together a multi-stakeholder coalition to devise an integrated, long-term action plan to enhance the economic and other benefits coming from the LFR. FRIA was formed to be the unified voice of industry in this important dialogue.

Who has jurisdiction over the Lower Fraser River?

The LFR falls under the jurisdiction of myriad governments and their respective agencies, including: the federal and BC provincial governments, 15 municipalities, 29 First Nations and more than 20 provincial and federal ministries. Countless private and public stakeholders, such as environmental groups, recreational users, railways, port authorities and labour unions, also have a vested interest in the River.

What is the economic importance of the Lower Fraser River?

The LFR is an economic powerhouse. Economic activities that take place in and along the LFR account for 42,000 jobs and contribute $9.26 billion to the Canadian economy.

How does the Lower Fraser River compare to the St. Lawrence Seaway?

The LFR measures just slightly behind the St. Lawrence (between Montreal and Lake Ontario) in terms of size and economic activity. It is as important to BC’s economy as the St. Lawrence is to Ontario and Quebec.

Are there specific issues on FRIA’s radar?

FRIA activities are guided by the following principles:

  1. Collaboration & Engagement
  2. Marine & Public Safety
  3. Stewardship

FRIA’s priorities are captured by the following strategic initiatives:

  1. Streamlined Regulatory Process
  2. Industrial Land
  3. Port Competitiveness
  4. Channel Improvements
  5. Land Transportation Access and Congestion

Read more about these priorities.


Who belongs to FRIA?

FRIA’s members are:

How can my organization join FRIA?

FRIA welcomes interest by businesses and industries that rely on the Lower Fraser River. Membership inquiries should sent to info@FRIA.ca

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